Technical Cell for Undergraduate Examinations

Pay at College : Registration Fee - What to do?

List of Unapproved students who have opted for Pay at College

As directed, this notification is for all students who have opted for Pay at College option and have NOT been approved by the colleges.

  • These students (see the lists below) MUST pay their registration fee at IUMS ( through ONLINE mode, if they HAVE NOT yet paid the fee at the respective colleges.

  • To pay your registration fee, login to the student portal at and pay the registration fee ONLINE (see instructions below).

  • There is NO other payment option.

  • This registration fee MUST be paid on OR before 31st January, 2022.

  • If a college has already approved a student without collecting the Registration Fee (even if the student has indicated the 'Pay at College' option), GU will facilitate payment collection at a later date.

Please click on the respective link (the letters indicate College names) to see the list of students who have opted for the option Pay at College BUT NOT yet approved by the colleges .

How to pay your Registration Fee online?

  • Go to Click on the middle section (with the red arrow marked New Students Registration & Login)

  • This will take you to the login screen

  • Login with your Application ID (aplication no.) and your chosen password.
    Please NOTE that if you make mistakes, the screen will be blocked for sometime. So, be caeeful.

  • On successful login, you will se the following screen. Click on the Preview link on your left (marked by the red arrow).

  • Borwse down and you will see the payment link.