Technical Cell for Undergraduate Examinations

Tecnical Cell for UG Examinations

This is the Technical Cell for all Undergraduate Examinations of GU (U-TEC) - a division of the IUMS (Inter University Management System) of GU. All functionalities related to undergarduate examinations right from registration fo new students to declaration of results and also undergarduate examination related grievances and queries will be now handled by this cell.

Examination Results

For enquiry regarding all declared results of UG and PG semesters, please contact the Controller of Examination, GU, NOT IUMS. The IUMS will NOT be able help in this regard.

Registration Questions

  1. The last date is about to be over. There is now provision for late fee. What should I do?
    There will NOT be any late fee. All students will be able to fill up the registration form till Thursday, 20th January 2022.

  2. I have filled up some data wrognly. What should I do?
    Please contact your college. Your college has the rights to correct your data before they approve your registration. DO NOT come to IUMS, we shall NOT correct it. The college will be able to correct your registration data till 25th January, 2022. Beyond that the data will be frozen.

  3. I have filled up subject wrongly OR course wrongly and college has also NOT corrected it. Can I fill up my exam form later?
    Once the registration data is frozen, nothing can be changed. If your subject OR course is wrongly filled up, you will NOT be able to fill up your examination form. So, it is essential that you fill the data correctly.

  4. My admission fee is waived. What about registration fee?
    The admission fee is different from registration fee. Even if you may have been waived of the admission fee, the registration fee MUST be paid.

  5. How do I pay my registration fee?
    You can pay the registration fee online when you are filling the registration form online. OR you can select the Pay at College option. In that case, you MUST pay your registration fee at your college.

  6. I am NOT sure whether I should pay online OR pay at college?
    Before you choose the option Pay at College, please contact your college and enquire whether you can pay the registration fee at college or not.

  7. I have faced problem. What should I do? Whom should I contact?
    DO NOT call any person at IUMS. Your phone will NOT be picked up. We DO NOT have any Helpline number. BUT, we have our 24 x 7 enquiry portal, which can be reached at This can also be reached from the dropdown menu above. Fill up the enquiry form, upload any necessary details. We shall reply you within a few hours.

  8. What is the Roll Back option for college?
    If a student is Rolled Backed by a college, the registration process for that student will be cancelled immediately.

U-TEC Functionalities

  1. Student registration (New Students)

  2. Examination Form Fillup

  3. Results

  4. Grievance Redressal & Examination Queries